Joint actions organised by Action against AIDS Germany and were organised from Thursday 9th September through Wednesday 15th September as follows:

  • On the 9th September 2010, a Chancellor Merkel figure closed down the MSF-treatment booth that was set up infront of the Bundestag as a satire imitating what could happen to the Global Fund without commitment and pledges from the German government.  About 50 activists queued up infront of the closed booth wearing T-Shirts that showed different stories of people that were infected with and affected by HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria.  After an hour of waiting for medication without success, people died in a symbolic “die-in” action.  A banner was put up saying “Pledge more for the Global Fund instead of cutting down the Commitments!

    Photos taken by Ms Barbara Sigge

  • On the afternoon of 10th September 2010, Kofi Annan who had an appointment with the real Chancellor Merkel next door (the treatment booth/tent for the action week was placed next to the Chancellor’s office), then surprised activists by dropping in and showing his appreciation for the efforts of civil society organised by One.
  • On the 13th September 2010, the arrival of Here I Am Campaign Ambassadors was organised by International Civil Society Support and Action against AIDS.
  • On the 14th September 2010, the Ambassadors of Here I Am Campaign had a meeting with Parliamentarians and presented their stories on behalf of the thousands that were currently benefiting from Global Fund programmes in the form of a “story-book” organised by DSW.
  • On the 15th September 2010, a press conference was held with Mr. Christoph Benn (Director of External Relations, Global Fund), Ms. Sonja Weinreich (Senior Health Advisor at EED), Karl-Heinz Hein-Rothenbücher (Managing Director, Medical Mission Institue Wuerzburg) and
  • In the evening of 15th September 2010, a musical and political evening prayer “Kein halben Sachen” was held regarding the Millennium Development Goals organised by EED.
  • On the 28th September 2010, a dance activity will be held in Bremen co-organised with “Dance 4 Life”,  “Peer-up” and MSF.

For more information, please contact Ms. Sarah May.

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