“Invest money to fight AIDS!” Azerbaijan Harm Reduction Network made an appeal to the leaders of world countries

Azerbaijan Harm Reduction Network, having decided to make an appeal to the leaders of world countries, addressed a petition to the presidents of two countries. Besides expressing great anxiety about the decrease of investments in fighting AIDS year by year, the Petition emphasizes the importance of increase of world countries’ efforts in global struggle against AIDS epidemic. These appeals are spread at present being prepared under Global Action Week which involves civil societies all over the world. Azerbaijan Harm Reduction Network, having joined this movement by representing our country, appeals to the leaders of world countries not to decrease, but to increase investments to fight AIDS.

It must be stated that the Week started on September, 20 and will end on September, 28. The objective of the Week  is to express anxiety about the decrease of Global Fund’s investments to fight  AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and  considerable decrease of investments by the states  investing the Fund and also, to carry out social advocacy to get investments which the Global Fund needs.

It must be mentioned that today, the most important programs all over the world  in fighting AIDS and also, ARV therapy, which has a vital role for the people infected with HIV, are basically carried out owing to the Global Fund’s investments. Great donor countries decrease the amount of their investments in the Global Fund year by year and the head of the Fund expressing their opinion of this matter to the international organizations stated that it will weaken the struggle against AIDS epidemic.

The problem of decrease of the Global Fund’s investments was on the agenda of  the summit of Development Purposes of the Millenium held on September, 20-22 in New-York and the members expressed their anxiety about this matter.

Incidentally, it must be mentioned that the Global Fund is in need of 20 milliard dollars till 2013, and the case of not being invested in the Fund may cause cessation of some important programs of the Fund, also ARV therapy, Harm Reduction, etc., which means loss of the lives of millions of people and fast spread of AIDS epidemic. During the Global Fund’s activity in past 10 years, 4.9 million people’s lives were saved and at present, 3600 people are saved from death every day. The investment of 20 milliard dollars, which the Global Fund needs, is nothing in comparison only with 700 milliard dollars invested for the annual regulation of Banks’ activity in America.

In the summit held in 2000, world countries stated that they would overcome AIDS until 2010, but the 2010th year is going to end and AIDS problem is still threatening the global health in a severe form and keeps killing thousands of people every day. In the view of World Civil Society, the reason of the problem is the disloyalty of world countries’ leaders to their promises and deficiency in investments to fight AIDS. “Nevertheless, if world countries’ leaders keep their promises, we can have world without AIDS. It is possible to save our planet from AIDS” – state the leaders of world public joining Global Action Week.

On the Week the social leaders carried out different events such as press conferences, actions, propagandistic-informative meetings and appeals. Besides the press conference, Azerbaijan Harm Reduction Network has prepared petition to address the leaders of two countries – Germany and Sweden and these petitions will be sent through the embassies of those countries in Azerbaijan. Germany and Sweden, most investing volunteer countries in the Global Fund, weren’t chosen accidentally for the petitions to be sent. Because, Germany and Sweden are supposed to take real measures in such a delicate situation, as they have been most investing volunteer countries in past years. Civil Society leaders expect these countries to increase their investments in the Fund and become model for other donor countries.

Besides expression of the results of significant programs against AIDS carried out basically on the Global Fund’s investments in past 10 years, vital importance of investment increase by the two countries was also emphasized in the petitions addressed to the leaders of Germany and Sweden by Azerbaijan Harm Reduction Network.

It must be mentioned that , decisive moments for the Global Fund will be on October, 4-5 in New York. Since, on those dates the issue of investment for activity in further years will be discussed in the next 3rd meeting of the Fund volunteers.

The objective of holding press conference is also to attract attention of the Mass Media on this matter and to achieve publication of their supporting articles on this matter.

Harm Reduction Network hopes the propagandistic events held by world public and international organizations on Global Action Week have effective results and world countries’ leaders will take real measures, keep their promise in order to save the world from AIDS and to protect global health.

Azerbaijan Harm Reduction Network

Baku city,

September 27, 2010

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