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The “Strategy Meeting of Advocates from Implementing Countries Involved with the Global Fund on Resource Mobilisation” held from 4th to 5th February 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland, was organised by the Communities Delegation on the Board of the Global Fund and supported by the and , an Amsterdam-based NGO.

This gathering followed a similar one organised by ICSS for civil society representatives from donor (“Developed”) countries in December 2009 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Geneva meeting, which included civil society advocates from implementing countries of programmes of the Global Fund, had the following main objectives:

  • To provide an opportunity for representatives from the Global Fund Secretariat to brief civil society advocates from implementing countries on its strategy for resource mobilisation in 2010 and replenishment for 2011-2013. This briefing was intended to raise awareness and build support among current and potential allies in the civil society sector and enable them to contribute to the further development of this strategy.
  • To provide a space for civil society advocates from implementing countries, in collaboration with Secretariat representatives, to confirm their role, identify key issues and discuss potential approaches for supporting resource mobilisation and replenishment for the Global Fund.
  • To develop a broad framework for a strategy for civil society advocates from implementing countries to support resource mobilisation and replenishment for the Global Fund. This strategy would help guide the development of 2010 action planning at regional and national levels, with the focus on key events and entry points.
  • To develop, based on the broad framework and identified needs, a proposal for support to be submitted to funders that have expressed interest in supporting the identified activities.

Some 30 individuals attended all or part of the two-day gathering in Geneva.  The majority were representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs) and networks from the implementing countries that focus on issues related to global health – specifically on HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.  They were joined by several Global Fund Secretariat staff members, some UNAIDS staff, support personnel, and a representative from ICSS.

A proposal for the activities suggested by the participants was developed and submitted to to create structures for campaigning in Implementing countries.

The full report of the meeting and the list of participants are available here.

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