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Bariatric Surgery – A Beginners Guide

lap band surgeryThe unfortunate reality is that if you are obese, or morbidly obese, regular diet plans will probably not work for you.

According to various medical studies of obese patients, about 95% of these individuals require a more drastic, surgical intervention to achieve their weight loss goals.

If you are one of these patients, and you are interested in lap band surgery to help with your weight, you will need to find a top bariatric surgeon to perform this surgery.

Finding a qualified and skilled bariatric surgeon for lap band surgery isn’t always easy. There are many things to be considered to find the right surgeon for you. Here are a few tips and things to consider when searching for the right bariatric surgeon for you:


Is your bariatric surgeon trained specifically for bariatric medicine and surgery?

Bariatric training is completed during a hospital residency program. Training involves health treatment, preventative methods, and surgical procedures. Many bariatric doctors find it beneficial to study all three areas of bariatric medicine, but be very sure that your doctor concentrated his or her studies on the surgical procedures involved, which include lap band surgery.

After your doctor has completed his or her hospital residency, he or she will then need to have passed the global credentialing requirements of the bariatric medicine licensing board. The requirements are:

  • Have credentials at a qualified hospital or facility that performs the lap band surgery you are seeking.
  • Working with a program for the care of the patient that provides other services like nursing care, dietary aid, counseling and therapy, and other assistance if needed.
  • There is a plan to prevent, watch, and help in any short or long-term complications that may arise.
  • Be able to confirm that there is a plan to help and offer aftercare for the patients after surgery. Follow-up visits need to be supervised by a qualified bariatric surgeon. While the bariatric surgeon cannot guarantee that patients will follow their aftercare recommendations, they need to document that they gave them the adequate information to succeed after lap band surgery.
  • Perform at least 15 successful procedures to qualify to become a bariatric surgeon. A successful procedure includes pre- and postoperative management, as well as direct surgical experience performed under the close watch of a successful and knowledgeable bariatric surgeon.

Ask your potential surgeon if he or she meets these global credentialing requirements for bariatric surgery so that you will have the utmost medical care while undergoing this surgery.


Is the location of the practice and hospital of where your surgeon operates from important to you? Do you want a close proximity to your home, or would you rather travel a bit farther if you find a bariatric surgeon that you feel more comfortable with? Sydney is a very large city, and has a variety of bariatric surgeons and practices throughout its entirety, so that you will likely be rest assured to find a bariatric surgeon that is convenient for you, no matter where you reside in Sydney, and that you also feel is qualified to help you with your lap band surgery.


Bedside Manner

When embarking on a journey for lap band surgery, it is imperative that you find a kind, compassionate, and caring surgeon that is aware of your needs, and who makes you feel safe and comfortable. No type of surgery is ever easy or fun, and lap band surgery requires not just a skilled and proficient surgeon who is qualified to perform the procedure, but also a surgeon that has a warm and inviting manner and who is understanding, gentle, and kind, while he or she helps you through the process of lap band surgery.

When searching for the right lap band surgery in Sydney, make sure to talk to your surgeon about your needs and expectations, and also make sure that he or she treats you with dignity, respect, and kindness, so that you can be at peace and feel rest assured that you are in the right hands of an all-around qualified bariatric surgeon in Sydney.

Because of the wide selection of qualified, kind, and skilled bariatric surgeons in Sydney, getting lap band surgery here does not have to be difficult or arduous, though it can seem a little daunting at first. With a little bit of research, you can find a bariatric surgeon that possesses the right credentials, has training in bariatric surgery, and is a successful doctor with many successful surgeries under his or her belt with happy and relieved past patients. Because Sydney also boasts a large selection of skilled bariatric surgeons, you can also likely find a surgeon and hospital near the comfort of your home, for easy commuting. Lap band surgery doesn’t have to be as scary and overwhelming, as it may seem with the skilled and kind surgeons located right here in Sydney.

The Pros And Cons Of Juicing

Best Juicers To Buy

shutterstock_1099353741Many people are catching on to the juicing craze. There are many benefits that come with juicing. Also, there are plenty of disadvantages that come with juicing. Many people use juicing in order to lose weight and gain strength as Juicer Fanatics. If you use the right method of juicing, you’ll get many benefits.

The Benefits

If you don’t normally eat fruits and vegetables, juicing is a great way to include them into your diet. With juicing various fruits and vegetables you get:
• More Vitamins and minerals
• A more balanced diet
• Antioxidants which boost your health.

The Disadvantages

With juicing, you will not only become healthier, but you will help your body burn off those unwanted pounds. You will look good, and feel more confident. However, there are a few disadvantages that come with juicing. Among the disadvantages with juicing are the following:
• You do not get as much nutrients from juice as you get from whole fruit
• Juicers cost a lot of money to get
• Juice is high in calories
• Due to the juice not being pasteurized, this could cause a potential hazard.



Juicing for Benefits

You have to be careful if you are going to try to juice. For one thing, when you juice, you have to drink the juice within a week or else it will spoil. There are certain proteins that you are depriving yourself of. Some of the most important nutrients to have are fiber and protein. Without these nutrients your weight loss and cleansing efforts will prove to be futile. Also, you have to be careful with how low you cut your calories. This will cause a slow-down of your metabolism. The disadvantage shows when you start eating again and gaining weight.

The Best Way to Juice

Instead of relying totally on juice for weight loss, it is better to incorporate juicing into a healthy diet. Also, be sure to eat a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables. There are plenty of different fruits that will provide you with a wide range of nutrients. These nutrients will bring amazing benefits to your body. Certain nutrients will speed up your metabolism to help you reach your goals. If you are thinking about juicing, then it is better to consult your doctor. Your doctor will advise you on whether or not it is a good idea for you. Your doctor may also provide better alternatives to juicing.


Juicing is not the worst thing you can do to your body. At the same time, it is not the best thing. There are certain nutrients you can get from fruit juices. However, if you rely just on the juice, then you are getting a limited amount of nutrients. The skin and other aspects of the fruits that you juice offer plenty more nutrients. Also, buying juicers can cost you a lot of money. So if you don’t have the budget, then you may have to use some other method of juicing. The best way to gain and maintain health is to consume as much nutrition as recommended.

5 Tips To Get a Beach Body

Summer is just around the corner. Are you ready to show off your amazing beach body? Don’t worry, if you haven’t quite met your standards of physical perfection yet, you still have time to get in shape. Try these tips to get a beach body that you are proud of. A little work and commitment to your health and you will find yourself in a body that will turn heads.

Drop the Carbs to Drop the Pounds


Is that a blueberry muffin in your hand? Put it down and choose a healthier more nutrient packed meal like boiled eggs and avocado. Do you plan on snacking on a bag of pretzels before lunch? Eat a piece of fruit instead. Pasta for lunch? Why not try a green salad topped with grilled chicken?
You know you can’t escape a few changes to your diet if you want a beach body physique. To help lose extra weight try eating less simple carbohydrates and more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein sources. White rice, white flour products, and all sugary treats like muffins and pastries are off the list.

Drink More Water

Another way to help you reach your weight loss goals before beach time is to drink plenty of water. Not only will you stay well-hydrated, but drinking water will create a feeling of fullness so you will be less likely to snack during the day. If drinking water sounds boring, try creating your own tasty spa water. Add a few slices of cucumber or citrus wedges to your drink to add flavor and a bit of nutrition to your daily hydrating routine.

Move Your Body

To shed excess weight you need to move your body. Aerobic activity, any movement that gets your heart rate up, will help you to burn calories and look amazing. Aim for thirty minutes at least five days a week. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to get the beach body you want. Try any of these exercises:


Tone Your Body

Aerobic exercise is one half of getting in shape. The other is strength training. Lifting weights and doing resistance exercises will tone your muscles, burn fat, and speed up your metabolism so it is easier to maintain your perfect beach body. Even if you don’t have a gym membership, you can still tone your body at home. Use light weights to strengthen your arms. Push-ups, lunges, and squats are all great toning exercises that you can do at home. Spend thirty minutes three days a week carving out your dream body.

Inspire Yourself

The fifth tip to get the beach body that you want is to inspire yourself. Make healthy changes to your lifestyle and keep them. You won’t turn your body into your ideal shape overnight, it takes time. If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine you will see results. Do things to inspire yourself and to keep yourself motivated to stick to your new healthy lifestyle.

•Hang up a picture of a model with a great beach body on your refrigerator.
•Write down your weekly goals and reward yourself when you meet them.
•Find a friend to lose weight with – you both can encourage and inspire each other!

It is time to start getting into shape for beach season now! Follow these tips and you will not only look great in your swimsuit, but you will be healthier, stronger, and gorgeous all year round.

Why Exercising Makes You Happy

Ever wonder why just a walk around town, or a half hour on the treadmill can perk up your whole mood? You probably find it hard to believe that exercising can actually improve your emotions, when it seems like the last thing you want to do at the end of a long day, yet that’s untrue. If you want to start feeling and looking better, getting more active is for you!


Not only does exercising help your body perform at it’s highest, it helps to clean toxicity out of your systems and make you all around healthier. Taking up running for example will improve your lung capacity helping you to have better endurance. Diet is important too. Soon a mile run will feel like a walk in the park!

Many benefits that working out holds are overlooked while people try to find more expensive ways to cure themselves. Thinking something as simple as exercise could never be the answer, but I’m here to tell you it’s a cure all! The benefits don’t stop at just being happy!

1. Benefits of exercise
Once you start utilizing exercise as part of your care routine, you might find some added benefits you didn’t know you’d find by just exercising!
Working out will not only get your blood pumping; it can help you relieve anxiety, get more creative and motivated!

2. More energy
You’re probably weary to believe that exercising will give you more energy after a long day of work, follow the law of conservation though, and you’re soon to reap the benefits of a body in motion.

3. Be happy!
Dopamine, or the “happy chemical” gets released during a workout, meaning you’re literally improving your mood when you go for a run! If you’re feeling down it might be wise to skip indulging or sulking around and get your heart rate up, it might just perk up your whole mood.

4. Confidence
When you feel good, you look good (not to mention those calories you burned!) so working out can even improve your mood mentally, while making you more confident and ready for everything in your day.

5. Stress free
We all know regular exercise is good for us but many of us never stick to it to realize the benefits. One long term benefit of being more active is your stress levels decreasing. Similarly working out can help some to be more relaxed after and even rest more peacefully.

6. Brain power
Not only can exercising help boost creativity, it’s great for your brain! It can help increase memory and help you focus or overcome writers block.

Taking time out of your day for 30-60 minutes of exercise reaps in many benefits. Just a walk around town can start to improve your overall mood, and in the long term make you more stress free thus a more positive person. Taking care of your body and mind will most likely help every other aspect in your life, once you’re feeling happier and full of confidence. So take care of yourself and taking up running, walking, or yoga today! you’ll be a happier person in the long run.

7 Foods You Shouldn’t Be Eating

Do you go workout all the time and are unsatisfied with the results? Well the answer may not be how active you are, but what you are fueling your body with. Your body is the result of your diet. This being said, the simple answer for weight loss may be in just making adjustments to your diet. Without further ado, here are seven things that you should not be eating:

1. French Fries/ Onion Rings
Most french fries made in restaurants are already pre-made somewhere else and then shipped to the restaurant itself. They are nothing but carbohydrate filled, frozen wedges that soak up every bit of grease or oil they are fried in. I work in a restaurant and can attest to this. Onion rings are even worse because they have to be battered before they are fried.


2. White Bread
Although white bread may be the best thing you can remember from elementary school it is one of the worst things you can eat. White bread is filled with sugar and other overly processed ingredients which takes out any kind of nutrients it possessed and leaves you with empty calories.

3. High Fructose Corn Syrup
This is used as a sweetener in most processed foods and is incredibly unhealthy. It is overly processed and actually increases those sweet cravings. Because it is overly processed it offers no nutritional benefits and actually has some ingredients that have not been approved by the FDA. The trouble with High Fructose Corn Syrup is that it is found in almost anything that is packaged.

4. White Rice
While rice does actually contain healthy benefits, white rice does not. White rice is bleached and processed so that it does not have any nutritional value. If you are looking for rice always pick brown. Brown rice has nutrients to offer and also keeps you fuller than white rice can.

5. Donuts
Krispy Kreme and Duncan Donuts will always have a special place in our hearts, but it should not have a special place on your thighs. Donuts although delicious, are fried foods that are then covered in sugar and sprinkles. Because of this donuts do not have much to offer other than a delightful party in your mouth. That alone should speak for itself.

6. Sugary Drinks
This includes all sweet drinks like mochas, smoothies, frapaccinos and more importantly soda. Even if you have a great diet and eat clean foods, if you drink your calories it will prevent weight loss. Soda has awful side effects as well such as: rotting/weakened teeth, acne, and dissolving the lining of the stomach. None of these should be ingested in excess.

Avoiding sugary food and drinks alone can dramatically change your life for the better. Apart from rapid weight loss, your general wellbeing will improve as a result of lifted spirits. Studies have proven that expensive and painful dental procedures such as root canal treatment and have a depressing effects on patients, so stop the sugar intake now and start smiling!

7. Hot dogs
If you ever look at the ingredients of hot dogs you will be surprised to find how much is unnatural. Which is gross.

Overall, you should not eat foods that are:
• high in fat
• fried in grease or butter, anything fried really
• processed
• have an expiration date longer than a few months
• are filled with preservatives
• filled with ingredients you don’t recognize
• filled with ingredients you cannot pronounce
• are used for anything other than food